I collect bookmarks. Lots and lots and lots of bookmarks as I research different topics, develop projects and find interesting things. In fact, I store so many bookmarks in Chrome (my browser of choice) that I inevitably corrupt the bookmarks file every now and then. I also worry about accidentally deleting whole folders of valuable links (yes, it’s happened).

So now I have this site up and running I’ll be transferring all my important bookmarks here (except for links to Inboxes and services). Which means I can also add much-needed notes and marks to them. And while I’m at it, why not make them available for everyone to view? Well, here you go.

19 June 2018: They’re going to be a fairly messy dump to start, but always one for wanting some sort of order you’ll find them roughly grouped by topic and sub-topic.

Inbox of Various Stuff to sort through

By Topic